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Paul's dropped out of the project replaced by Joe Anderson. A pretty good replacement. Olivia's very cool, I could actually see her playing Anne.

Inqlings: Alycia Lane's sad task | Philadelphia Inquirer | 02/14/2008

Casting call

Know a little boy who'd work well on screen with Lauren Graham and Jeff Daniels?

Graham (Gilmore Girls) and Daniels (The Squid and the Whale, Dumb & Dumber) will be here next month to shoot the romantic comedy The Dream of the Romans, and Heery Casting has been drafted to find a "worldly, precocious" white boy, age 7 or 8, to play the son of Graham's character, Elizabeth.

E-mail a recent snapshot (no more than two weeks old) to Heery at; include name, age, birth date and a parent's phone number.

In the film by writer/director John Hindman, Daniels' character is Arlen Faber, reclusive author of Me and God, a popular book about spirituality. Arlen's life collides with those of Elizabeth (a single mom) and Kris (Joe Anderson of Across the Universe), a young man fresh out of rehab. Both Elizabeth and Kris hope Arlen has the answers, but he hasn't got a clue. Also cast are Philly's Kat Dennings (ER, The 40-Year-Old Virgin) and Olivia Thirlby (Leah in Juno). The shoot is booked for 25 days around town.
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