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Apologises in advance doing a major hit and run - mainly because it's 2am here - I'll fix that first post up later today.

But additional DotR casting sides have been released, including ones for Alex.

Additional Casting Sides

General gist, Alex as we know is Elizabeth's son. She becomes involved with Arlen, from the sides it's not known what the outcome of that relationship is. Arlen poses as Alex's uncle when he goes to school to pick him up, on his way to babysitting him for the afternoon. A connection that Alex and Arlen have is through Arlen's father's piano, which Alex can play. Both have lost their fathers, etc.

After reading it, the more it's becoming apparent that the Romans part is to do with God (New Testament), since it's mentioned once or twice in a scene between Elizabeth/Arlen at her office. It's also mentioned that Arlen wrote a book called "Me and God". Regarding Lauren's character, single mother, who's a chiropractor who smokes and swears (well in one scene). She's very protective of Alex. The intertwining of the characters of the main 4 really is very intriguing and will be interesting to see it played out on screen. If the script is anything to go by, then it'll be a good film.
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