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ok, another reviews. Looks like critics donĀ“t like BoA much but normal viewers like it a lot so I still think it will be a great movie

Yet another dysfunctional-family dramedy, "Birds of America" doesn't distinguish itself enough in mildly diverting character or incident to take flight. Matthew Perry stars as the sanest of three Connecticut siblings in Canadian novelist Elyse Friedman's script, ably directed by playwright-turned-film helmer Craig Lucas. But the pic ends up feeling more like the season finale of a fairly interesting, somewhat derivative HBO series than stand-alone screen fare. Theatrical biz will be tepid, ancillary better.
Birds of America
This was the most indie looking film I saw, as it was slow paced and had a lot of dialogs, which was by no means a negative to the film. This ones about the oh so cliche dysfunction family trying to get along after one of them gets into an accident. Matthew Parry plays the big brother who has to take care of his younger siblings after their parents die. He is actually quite good and plays the character well, while his sister and brother are intriguing characters themselves. This was a wonderful film and should not be missed even though it looks to be a straight to DVD type.
Our trip landed at the end of the annual Sundance Film Festival. We caught one of their movies called Birds of America. It was a comedy about a dysfunctional family and had Matthew Perry and Hilary Swank. I thought the movie was decent and had a few really funny scenes. I would probably say rent for this one.

aaand you can see some scenes from the movie here
and you can dl it here
and there is a the whole washer-dryer scene
Big thanks to Nadine

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