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ahh im so excited i can barely type

Name: Alex
Age: 17
Birthday: 08/08
Country Aus
Fav Twilight Character(s) Jasper, Rosalie
Fav Twilight Couples Edward/Bella, Jasper/Alice and Esme/Carlisle ( im so canon lol)
How long have you been a fan? since december im a newbie i guess lol
How'd you get into the series?people kept posting gaspard stuff with twilighty stuff so i figured if its good enough to have gaspard its good enough for me
Favourite Book out of series? Eclipse
Other Fandoms? HP, FNL, Gossip Girl, Moonligt, Pushing Daisies, OTH, etc etc on that general path
"I'm 6'5", weigh 220 pounds, and there's two of me."
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