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Originally Posted by KyleCapeside (View Post)
I did not know Joey respected Jen. Maybe I am lost in season 1
Joey said she respected Jen in season 2, Uncharted waters epi to be more specific, this is the dialogue:

Joey: No, listen Jen. We can sit here and rehash all of our old problems and disect and deconstruct all of our petty rivalries but I guess what I'm trying to say is that...I respect you. I respect who you are.

Jen: Thanks, Joey.

I think she also respected her during season 1, in spite of her, of course, she was always treating Jen bad because Dawson was between them, but I'm sure she couldn't help but notice Jen was always nice to her, she was the one that help her lying to Anderson in Kiss(103) and helped her to enter in the Beauty Contest, that finally opened Dawson's eyes.
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