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I have no idea if she was confirmed to be there or not. I get the feeling that since there was press there that they expected someone to be there. I really wanted to ask Craig Lucas why she wasn't there, but didn't want to be pushy or whatever. Most of the people at the festival are there solely for the films and are more interested in hearing from the director/writer than big Hollywood if!

Ok, to answer some of your questions. I don't know how many minutes Lauren was in the felt like there was definitely more air time than Because I Said So or Evan Almighty. She was definitely important to Morrie's storyline, but the focus of the film was on the siblings.

I think my favorite scene of the movie was between Lauren and Matty. Betty had gotten fed up with their situation and decided to leave and go stay with a friend. Morrie goes after her. It's in the middle of the night and he's in the backyard throwing rocks and other random objects from the yard at the second-story window to get her attention. That doesn't work so he gets on the trampoline and starts jumping up, waving his arms, and yelling her name (this was funny!). She finally wakes up and comes outside and they share this really sweet scene sitting on swings on the swingset.

Betty tells Morrie she loves him and wants to start their family now. Morrie reminds her that they have to wait until he makes tenure and their lives are more stable. She says she's tired of waiting for him, that she doesn't care about all that anymore and that more than anything she just wants to be a mom now. Sigh...

Morrie doesn't have an answer for her so she tells him maybe he needs some time away, that he should go off and experience his crazy youth that he never got to before. And then she just walks away.

It was just a really sweet, real moment between a husband and wife who obviously love each other.

As far as kisses...there were a couple of short pecks and then one slightly more passionate, but still brief kiss at the end right before they head upstairs to start that family.

I think you'll get Lucas's "uncomfortable" comment when you see the movie. I really wish you could all see it so we could discuss it! While you're watching it you just think it's kinda weird. And when it's over you can't tell right away if you liked it or not. But I know I'll be thinking about it a lot for the next several days. There are just so many themes running through it and symbolism that you can't pick it all up while you're watching it for the first time in the theater. It definitely makes you think!

Ok, I can't remember if I covered all your questions or not. Let me know if you want to know anything else.
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