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So I got into the premiere! Sorry it has taken me so long to get on and post this...this is the first opportunity I've had to get on the computer today.

I didn't have tickets to the screening so my friend I went early to try and get standby tickets. A guy was there with some extra tickets and he sold them to us. We were convinced this was a good sign and luck was finally on our side.

We immediately went and found the press room where camera crews were getting things set up for the "red carpet"/press conference thing before the screening. We decided to camp out there and wait for Lauren to arrive. There were only a handful of people there waiting for the same reason (other Lauren fans) so I thought it was the perfect situation...she was going to walk through those doors and I was going to get my chance to finally meet her, to get a picture with her, to talk to her, and to finally become her best friend (haha). I was a bundle of excited and so nervous and nauseous at the same time!

Then one of the festival people came out and said unfortunately none of the cast was coming. WHAT?!! The media people were really mad...but not as mad as I was! I was so disappointed and didn't want to believe it was true. I finally gave up and went in the theater and found my seat, still hoping that this was just some kind of mistake or misunderstanding. Why would she travel all this way, spend the week, and then not come to the world premiere of her own movie? Who does that?! I could barely concentrate on the movie because every time the theater door opened I quickly turned around to see if maybe it was Lauren...sadly in never was.

Craig Lucas, the director was there and did the Q&A afterwards. He was both entertaining and interesting. Someone asked him about the former title, "Laws of Motion," what it meant and why it was changed. Maybe he's talked about this before, but it was new to me. Matthew's character, Morrie, is a Physics professor and the movie was going to begin with him writing Newton's Laws of Motion on the chalkboard. His character represents "and object at rest will stay at rest." Ginnifer Goodwin's character, Ida, represents "and object in motion will stay in motion," and Ben Foster's character, Jay, represents the unbalanced forces acting on them all (and he was certainly unbalanced!)

They changed the title because whenever they told anyone what it was, they didn't understand them. They always thought they were saying "Loss of Motion" or "The Law's in Motion." They just thought it was too confusing so they changed it.

Mr. Lucas didn't ever mention Lauren specifically, but he talked about the cast a little bit. He said they were all incredible and he tried to make it a fun atmosphere because he knew they weren't making enough money to have it be miserable. He said Matty (that's what he called him) did most of the entertaining, though. He said Matt is hilarious and kept everyone laughing, but he can't repeat any of the jokes because they're too dirty. haha. He also said the person making the most money tended to be the person who behaved the worst...showing up late and making everyone wait and he HATED that. I'm assuming he was talking about Hillary.

As for the movie itself, it was...interesting, as all independent films are. I thought it was pretty slow-moving, but I think that was intentional. I heard Mr. Lucas talking to some people before the movie saying he thinks comedy should be uncomfortable. He was glad that it was so cold outside because then the audience was already physically uncomfortable and that's how he likes it. He succeeded in that! There were times when you didn't know why things were happening or why the characters were the way they were. And some scenes were uncomfortable...Matt on the toilet, Ginnifer's character being promiscuous, etc. It was different, but definitely made you think. My friend and I talked about it and analyzed the whole thing all though dinner afterward.

Of course you all want to know about Lauren...I thought she was great! She wasn't a main character, of course, so she wasn't in most of the scenes, but I thought she had some really great moments and you could really feel for and understand her character (one of the few that you could! haha)

I have to admit that I've had a little bit of a hard time with the movies Lauren has been in this year because I'm so used to her being the main character that when she's not I sometimes feel like she's being held back and not being able to really shine like the star we all know she is. But that's just me being biased! haha

Anyway, this has turned into WAY TOO long a post! I don't know if you want me to talk about details about scenes in the movie or if you want to be left unspoiled in case it ever gets distributed. If you want to know more or have specific questions, just let me know and I'll do the best I can.

Sorry I don't have any pictures or fun Lauren stories to share...believe me, I cried myself to sleep about it last night.
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