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Campaign to register voters

I was going to post this on the news thread but then I thought this was worth it's own thread. I'm still not sure if opening this thread is a good decision. If you think it isn't, you can close it, Pat.

I just saw this add at I hope I can post it here. I'll try anyway.

This means a lot to me because I'm one of those people who think democracy means we're all responsable for chosing our leaders. It means we have the right to express our opinions about how our country should be ruled.
I think it is important to vote. It is important to express our opinion.
I'm glad Christina is involved with the campaign to register voters. Young people, specially, often don't care about politics or elections. I'm glad Christina is being a good influence on those young fans.

What do you think?
Do you think this add will influence young people to register to vote?
Also, do you think Christina should openly support a specific candidate?
I wish I had a river.
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