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thanks Ele. He certainly loves his jacket

ANDERSON: Well, congratulations. Quite an honor to bring a film to Sundance. And, in addition to the movie premiers and the focus on the film, there are the parties, there are the gifting suites, the concerts. Do you think it detracts at all from the mission of the Sundance Film Festival which is independent film making?

PERRY: I am proud of the film we are here for, but I also really like this new jacket I am wearing. So, I don't know if that answers the question for you.

ANDERSON: He's kidding. You're kidding.

PERRY: No, I love it. I love the jacket, and it was free. I didn't have to pay anything for it.

GRAHAM: I'm sure -- I know the festival has grown quite a bit. Maybe it's gotten too big or too out of control. I would bet that a lot of the stuff that's here brings in money for the festival which in turn helps the independent filmmakers. But maybe it is just that we are all greedy pigs. I'm not really sure. It's one or the other.

PERRY: It also has pockets, and there's lining. Great lining in this coat.

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