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More interviews (LINK):

Lauren Graham also came in at the last second, and she's used to having to do a lot of the internal work on her own. She's very sensitive and private, and these qualities gave her an edge in the story -- an outsider quality -- that she was able to use. She doesn't like to be reassured, and when she's having difficulty, she likes a little bit of room around her. I tried to respect that without abdicating my responsibilities. She had a fine-tuned hypervigilance about not turning her character into a cliché, and there was indeed the danger of that in the text; the wife is such a Swiss-watch of a person, high-strung and better-behaved (outwardly) than the sibs. Lauren functioned as a kind of dramaturge for the well-being of reality and truthfulness in the story itself, and I'm hugely grateful to her. She gives a bravura performance, as you'll see.
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