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I liked the episode, although I did miss the first 19 minutes including the new opening credits as well as the voiceover I wasnt sure if I'd missed anything pertinent I thought it was good the way they had Ephram being very shady and the audience as well as the characters wondering what was bothering him. I knew it had to be something other than Madison because he'd be way more distraught over something like that. I also thought that at the end of the episode we'd see his cell phone ring with Madisons name on it and have to wait until the next episode to see what happens but I have a feeling it will be a long time until Ephram finds out about this. Perhaps at the end of the season when Madison shows up with a 9 month old or the news that she aborted his baby, which I personally think will be the case, I cant see them giving Ephram a baby.

Im still mad at Andy for not telling Ephram, I always liked Andy but he really ticked me off in the finale last year and I definitely carried that into this premiere, I think Madisons roommate was right, he wasnt checking up on Madison solely to see that she was okay, it was to keep tabs on her. Does he not comprehend that this is his grandchild?

On to other things, Bright? Love him. Delia? Love her. Jake, Ill have to give some more time, I definitely, definitely see something happening with he and Nina although he does seem a LOT younger than I think his character is meant to be, he seems more of a frat boy to me than a doctor. But now there's 3 doctors in Everwood? And all on the same block? Isnt that kind of overkill? The space may have been perfect for Jake but dude, the location is sooooo wrong, you'd think he'd see that.

Ephram and Amy were cute in the beginning when they were cuddling, they seem to have a nice chemistry going and Amy seems back to the Amy I like, the less angsty one but I honestly dont see them being another Dawson and Joey, I think there are so many DC people on the Everwood staff that they'd have learned from that, ahem, train wreck. Plus I kind of like the way Amy reacted, she didnt act slighted, she was upset but calm and rational. Although I wouldve preferred Ephram to tell Amy his fears and then tell Amy that he wants her to tell him that everything will be fine and they'll work through it, I dont think she shouldve let him go without allaying his fears but Im sure itll all work out, they're "splitting" or taking time apart over legitimate things, nothing like Dawson and Joey in my opinion. I dont believe that the reason they're having problems is a cheap excuse for "trying to find yourself" at all, EPhram was worried that the amount of time it would take for him to practice would leave him with less than enough time to treat his girlfriend correctly which in the long run, could create a problem in itself with a much messier and painful outcome and EPhram cares far too much for Amy to let that happen. I think Ephram was being smart, plus its no biggie, because we all know Ephram and Amy will get their chance.

I think thats pretty much it. A nice establishing episode with a lot of stories to be picked up on.

But did anyone else find it weird that Dr. Abbott wasnt at least a little concerned that his daughter was dating someone that knocked up his last girlfriend and had no clue about it?

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