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Episode Discussion Thread: Episode 301-"For Every Action..."

YAY! First Discussion thread of the new season!

From the

"For Every Action"
Ep. 301
Premieres Monday, September 13, 2004

Ephram (Gregory Smith) and Amy (Emily VanCamp) are reunited after a long summer spent apart while Ephram attended Julliard's summer program in New York... but Amy's euphoria is quickly replaced with paranoia after she notices Ephram acting distant. Meanwhile, Andy (Treat Williams) is plagued by guilt over whether he made the right decision concerning Madison's (Sarah Lancaster) pregnancy; and Dr. Abbott (Tom Amandes) befriends the town's newest citizen, Jake Hartman (Scott Wolf, Party of Five), who turns out to be a doctor from California looking to open a new practice in Everwood.
Debra Mooney, John Beasley, Vivien Cardone, Chris Pratt, Stephanie Niznik and Merrilyn Gann also star. Executive producer Rina Mimoun wrote the episode directed by David Petrarca.
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