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Idina Menzel #1: From Broadway to the Big Screen!

Idina Menzel: From Broadway to the Big Screen!!!

Official Idina Menzel site
Idina's official YouTube page
Idina - Musical Schwartz

Rent blog
Trailer for Rent
Seasons of Love music video
Cast of Rent on The View

"For Good" rehearsal
being Greenified
Wicked - For Good (Live from "Broadway on Brodway 2004)
Idina Menzel in "Show Business: The Road to Broadway"
Highlights from Show Business
Wicked on Broadway: The American Musical
Idina on Richard and Judy(UK)
48 Hours
CBS 2 at the Tony's
Idina's acceptance speech at the 2004 Tony Awards
Idina and Kristen performing at the 2004 Tony's - Defying Gravity
Defying Gravity from the show. Its my favorite song
Idina telling the story of her fall (some language)
The following day after she fell....
Idina and Kristen on A & E Breakfast with the Arts
Idina Menzel makes an appearance w/ Martin Ball on his Wicked London meet-the-cast video blog.

So Cute on Craig Ferguson
Singing Defying Gravity on Letterman
Regis and Kelly
CBS Early Show
Cornet Man from Funny Girl benefit concert
From Aida - My Strongest Suit
Idina raises AIDS Awareness commercial

Summer's Grace
Video clips and short interviews of Idina filming "A Hero Comes Home" the closing song from "Beowulf"
Singing "Brave" on Wake up with Whoopi
Singing "I Stand" on Wake up with Whoopi
Making of I Stand-clip 1
Making of I Stand-clip2
Making of I Stand-clip 3
Beowulf Premiere
Minuet music video

TV and Movies
Rescue Me

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