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Originally posted by Silversun
The thing is, of course, that most of the shows that inspire fics will have their own boards on FF anyway, with their own fic threads.
That would be ironic. When this board was started around 4 years ago, the idea was that this would be the only place to post links to fanfic. The Roswell board mods at the time were quite aggressive about closing any thread, eg, discussion of an episode, if anyone posted a link to a fic, even if it was relevant to the thread. I think they were afraid that Brendan Fehr's manager would discover more Micheal-slash and bug out.

I've rarely posted fic links to other boards. Once, I posted a link to a Fastlane slash archive to the Fastlane board in response to someone looking for all genres of Fastlane fic, but I deleted the post after one of the board regulars complained. So I concluded that the FanFic board must be the board with the most open "community standards" when it comes to fic.
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