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PLEASE READ: Board traffic evaluations for September and October

Edited 1 November:

Official post counts are out and the fanfic board averaged 177.75 posts per week, so we're safe!

Hi guys,

It's that time again... board traffic evaluations are here.

During September and October, the management team are going to be monitoring the post counts on all the boards at Fan Forum. The boards that don't meet a minimum post requirement of 100 posts per week (on average) will be closed.

For the last round of evaluations, the fanfic board was on the exempt list, which no longer exists. So, we're subject to the same post requirements as everyone else, and I have to say I'm a bit scared because we seem to be teetering on the borderline here.

100 posts per week breaks down to just over 14 posts per day on this board, so if you would like to keep the fanfic board at Fan Forum, please help out by lurking less and posting more.

Any questions or concerns, please voice them here or PM Caty or me. Cheers.
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