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So to get this thread going, what are some of your favorite LG/AB pics?! I love them all but here are a few that I'm really in love with right now.

From The Backstage Special

They seemed uncomortable being in that interview (not with eachother, just in general) but I love the pics! I also really like the part of the interview when they are talking about the 1st season when they first met and they had to do a bunch of photoshoots to promote the season and the show and, of course, the show being about a close mother and daughter, they had to be somewhat close, putting their arm around eachother and stuff and act natural doing it and they barely knew eachother. I just love the way they acted out their awkwardness. I for one, thought they did a great job in all the S1 photoshoots. They definately achieved the look they were going for.
I have seen part of the backstage special, everyone seemed so uncomfortable! But i think the part I didn't see is exactly the one you are talking about, does someone know where I can find it?
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