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the nursing home scenes were really fun to watch..
In general I loved the whole 'dating' them in this episode for Lindsay.. Getting hit on by the guys at the station who look at her butt and I don't know what else but it was so funny.

In general I felt like the episode was lighter then the other ones.. but I liked it.

I loved seeing Jacobi! He's such a fun character and he is such a great team with Lindsay! I loved his comment about the cuffing that guy under the water!

And this also marked the first time I've actually enjoyed Jill: in her two scenes with Tom. From "there may be hope for you yet" and "Don't encourage her".
I agree.. Jill made a like-able impression in those scenes with Tom.

Yay for Cindy officially being part of the club! I like that Claire took her home in the end.
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