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Hey guys

Got a snipit of news concerning the Mandate. has now gone Myspace. You ask why? Well let me tell you!
With only 900 signatures left to get by november, we decided that Myspace was the best way to get them. Myspace is a very popular online group. Almost everyone has one including probably almost every Gilmore Fan around. Sadly it's been very hard to get signatures from GG fans and that is mostly because more then half of the fans don't even know the petition or campaign is going on. Heck fans are STILL just finding out GG is gone. They are going to fansites and asking what happened to the show and why it's not on on tuesday when they flick on their tv's. Pretty sad. So what better way to spread the word about our campaign then Myspace?

So basically what we are trying to do is friend as many GG fans as we can. If they get a friending request, of course they are going to check the page out first before friend right? If they choose not to friend back because they don't believe in our cause, thats fine, at least they are checking out the page and given the choice right? But if we end up finding fans that want more GG, haven't signed the petition and haven't heard about the site, how awesome would that be to let that extra person know about us?

So basically what I'm getting at with this very long (but necessary) post is that we would love your help with this. If you have a Myspace or are planning on getting one, please friend our Myspace @ - Save the Lorelais - 27 - Female - US - and pass the word on to all your GG friends.
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