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Brooders (D/L) #5 B/C when you're on the ledge he wont let you jump!

T h e 5th Dylan McKay & Luke Perry Appreciation Thread A p p r e c i a t i o n T h r e a d

+ Shippers +

01. cartiergurl01
02. JULES24
03. angelface211
04. abbeyroad6282
05. shnicky
06. TrueDaisyLover
07. _Jmarit_
08. Marki
09. JaimeBee
10. LuckyStarz
11. BlackMamba
12. Jordan23
13. Pickles4Dawson
14. Undeniable
15. playgroundDiaries
16. LittleCookie
17. MartersAngel
18. Jadoo
19. DefLeppardFan
20. natehaley23
21. yulan
22. sabriras
23. Ryan-Marissa<3
24. Firestar007
25. KellylovesDylan
26. .bian.carsan.
27. barbeegurl00
28. Sibyl

+ Reasons +

1. Because of his sexy trademark stares.
2. Because of his scarbrow. Enough said.
3. Because he was the James Dean of the 90's.
4. Because he loved to surf.
5. Because although bony, he was gorgeous.
6. Because of the poncho hoodies he sported in the early seasons.
7. Because of the classic, trademark Porche he used to drive.
8. Because who didn't want to save him when he broke down.
9. Because of Downward! Spiral! Dylan in season 5. Enough said.
10. Because he probably had hot sex with every girl he was with.
11. Because Luke had chemistry with all of his love interests.
12. Because Luke was the original bad boy of the show.
13. Because even in his 40's Luke's still handsome.
14. Because Luke's a devoted family man even though divorced.
15. Because Luke's humble.
16. Because Luke's a gracious actor.
17. Because Luke's never really been into the Hollywood lifestyle.
18. Because almost every girl wanted to marry Luke in the 90's.
19. Because Cher from "Clueless” was saving herself for Luke. Enough said.
20. Because Luke still keeps in touch with his 90210 co-stars.
21. Because Luke was voted biggest flirt in highschool.

+ Reminders +

Drug Addictions
Drug induced comas

+ Quote of the Moment +

"He looks at the world through jaded brown eyes, but deep down inside he's a lost soul just trying to find his way home."

+ Pic of the Moment +


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