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The Lovely Bones: :(((((

AJ will play Clarissa, Susie’s best friend in life. Fans of the novel will recall that Clarissa plays a part in one of the story’s turning points, when Susie’s father, Jack, attacks her and her boyfriend Brian in a cornfield, believing them to be George Harvey, Susie’s murderer. Brian manages to subdue Jack with his own baseball bat, whacking him in the knee. But it’s not the action that has AJ amped - it’s who she gets to perform the action with, namely recent Oscar nominee Ryan Gosling who is playing Jack Salmon.

“I have a really emotional, intense, freaky scene with Ryan. It’s gonna be crazy,” she smiled. “He was so incredible in ‘Half Nelson.’ It’s just great for me as an actress to grow and work with such amazing people.”
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