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Oh nice Thanks for the link Nadine!

@ Gjoni! You will hear from me tomorrow !!!

Ellevee, you have a PM!

Here are the pics. Just posting them here for a link in the first post!

IMPORTANT I have deleted three pics from the first post of the FoG thread since I was asked to do so. These pics were used without clear permission from the maker of those pics. One of the pics is LG with the little girl that is playing her daughter in the movie. The other two in question are of LG sitting in a chair with a boy (playing her son?) behind her also sitting in a chair (there are some other people also). Besides removing these three pics from the first post I hereby also want to ask the people who have made avis (or anything else really) to stop using those. I was also asked to extend apologies for the inconvenience!

If it's unclear for anybody which pics I am talking about just check the first post of this thread and see which pics are up there and/or linked. These pics can be used. Those pics I am talking about of course can not be seen there anymore. So if they are not up there or linked please do not use them anymore! THANKS!
~ I am sure that little camera distorts their faces ~ YouTube ~

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