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Can anyone help out this poster?

Originally Posted by Eric Schissler (View Post)
Maybe one of you can help me....

What song or music is playing when Jackie turns on the radio and
begins kissing Kelso at the end of episode 14, season 1 ("Stolen
Car")? The same song/music is playing in episode 21 (Water Tower), season 1, when Donna and Eric are in the car together.

The same song/music is in 77, season 4 ("It's a Wonderful Life") when Eric and Donna are sitting on the hood of the Vista Cruiser ( it's a replay of a scene in the pilot, but the song is different from the one playing in the pilot. The song in the original pilot scene is Rundgren's "Hello it's Me").

I really like this song/music -- if anyone can help me I'd appreciate it.
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