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Fan Fic: The Obsession Continues #3

Remember this...

1stdiva posted:

My new fanfic about PJ is ready to be unveiled. I have a group for it on Yahoo, but I will send out the first few chapters to private email addys if you want to get the feel for it before committing to join a group.

Please PM me if you're interested and I'll get you started.

Oh, it's set between the summer of True Love and A Winter's Tale and it's rated NC-17.
Thanks for the plug, Donna! I'm glad you're enjoying your little preview.

I just want to make sure that anybody who requests the fic understands that most chapters, though fairly short, will not fit into the PM message limits here on the FF board. I will need your email address for email delivery - or you can search it out on Yahoo Groups - it's called A Little Love (put underlines in between those words if you can't find it easily) Or you can always PM me to get the direct link to the story. If you just go to YG and join the list, please let me know where you heard about the story, because I won't let you subscribe unless I know you're a PJer! lol

Again, my story takes place between True Love and a Winter's Tale.

Looking forward to getting started sending out chapters today. Hope to see you there!

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