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Originally Posted by LG - Life's Good (View Post)
Isn't it a bit funny that they both were filming their new movies in CT?
Oh I totally forgot about that! That is so cool! It's even funnier that they both just got done doing GG where the setting of SH is CT. I wonder if they will get a chance to hang out while they are down there. I wonder if they have even talked since the cancellation.

LG - Life's Good Aww that is sooo sweet what Lauren said about her relationship with Alexis. Totally adding it to the first post, that is so nice!

Oh and thanks for the pics, love them! I don't think I've seen the last 2 before, wow I really love them! I especially like that 7th one. Looks like they are having alot of fun in it!

Originally Posted by LaurenKisses (View Post)
One of those pictures is of Alexis' 21st birthday right?
I like how Lauren was there, shows they really are good friends
Yea that is so great! And AB's 21st B-day party took place only a year or 2 after the show started which means they were only working with eachother for a short while and they were already that close!

Reflecting_Light Added you to the first post!
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