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Added everyone that asked.

Laurenkisses Aww I love that pic, I actually almost used it for the header! But I changed my mind at the last minute and used the S3 pics. The kissy face Lauren is doing is hilarious!

Lauren♥Scott 4Ever I love that pic too! My grandma walked in while I was looking at it one day and was like "haha that's cute, I love it!" I thought she would think I was weird for looking at a pic of them cause even though she likes and watches the show, she isn't as obsessed as I am and I thought she would think I was too addicted lol! Anyway, I love that pic, it is so funny and cute!

Originally Posted by LaurenKisses (View Post)
I totally agree. Firstly I didn't think I would miss GG as much as I am, but thanks to watching season 5 over and over I'm getting my L/L fix
Ya it took me up until the GG is cancelled annoucement to realize that there would be no more Lauren and Alexis. I knew I would miss the Lorelai and Rory relationship cause I've been a fan of it and them since day 1 but I didn't think I would miss seeing Lauren and Alexis on screen together as much. I figured I wouldn't miss the actresses as much cause we would still see them in movies and stuff but the chances of Lauren and Alexis being in a movie or anything for that matter together is slim to none. Hopefully they will stay in touch and hopefully we will see them in something together in the future (prefurably GG S8 ). Seeing them go to a premiere together would be pretty cool too.

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Its annoying not having any more new scenes of their banter to watch, I really liked them.
My favourite types of scenes with Lauren and Alexis were the hilarious bantery ones obviously, but the heart to heart ones aswel
Ugh I know, I'm gonna miss their scenes together! I think my faves though is the heart to heart ones they have. I love their banter ones aloooot but the heart to heart ones are just so good and the actresses do such an amazing job at them! They could give eachother one look and I'm either depressed or symathetically, happy the rest of the week! I love it!

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ALEXIS BLEDEL: For me, I was in high school, and I think The WB was kind of starting so --
LAUREN GRAHAM: You watched "Dawson's Creek" when we started.
ALEXIS BLEDEL: Everybody watched "Dawson's Creek."
LAUREN GRAHAM: Not everybody watched it, you watched --
^whats thats from?
It's from the The WB Winter 2005 TCA Press Tour
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