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Okay, here's my taping report:

She looked absolutely gorgeous. She was wearing a short, navy blue dress. It had a v-neck and had ruffles on it and I can't describe it well but it looked great on her. She looks even prettier in person than she does on TV (and I didn't think that was possible).

So, about the interview (SPOILERS about the interview, obviously; don't read if you don't want to know what she talks about). And a warning: I was just so excited to be there and too busy staring at her to fully imbibe everything that she said, so this is just a general sketch.

Conan asked her about Laws of Motion with Matthew Perry, and she said that she knew it would stir up the relationship rumors, especially because she's playing his wife. But she said their relationship is the opposite of romantic. Whenever she eats something in front of him, even like an apple, he'll say something like "Fatty had a birthday party and no one came" (I'm sorry, I can't remember the exact line, but it was something about Fatty). She said it in a really funny voice. He also says something about Fatty and a disco ball (and she made this funny gesture like she was hugging a disco ball to her face). I know this sounds very weird, but it was funny. Conan said either they must be very close and can joke around with each other or Matt's a real jerk for calling her Fatty.
Conan asked her about filming in Connecticut, and the most impressionable thing about Connecticut to her is Dunkin Donuts drive-through windows. She loves Dunkin Donuts coffee (but said not to get the donuts because they make you fat). Rachel Ray is a spokesperson for Dunkin Donuts, so there's a picture of her at the drive-through window with a saying underneath it (I can't remember the saying; it's "something and something," like "tasty and delicious" or something along those lines). Whenever Lauren sees the poster, she has the saying stuck in her head for hours afterwards (she did a funny Rachel Ray impression as she said the slogan). She and Conan did a cute sort of commercial-like bit for DD.
She talked about Evan Almighty for a little bit. She gave a brief synopsis and then Conan asked about working with the animals. This part was cute: she said she was excited when she knew there would be kids and animals in the film, and she rubbed her fingers together in front of her face like a villain thinking up an evil plan. She thought it would give her lots of funny stories to tell on talk shows. She was annoyed, though, because the animals were too well-behaved. She said they were "snobby." So she and Conan talked about snobby animals for a bit. Oh, I forgot, when discussing Evan Almighty they also talked about working outside so much and pretending to build an arc. She said she'd pretend to hammer (and imitated girly hammering) and then clutched her arm and gave a girly "ow!" And she said she got tan (which prompted a discussion of how pale Irish people tan; their freckles grow and spread together).

I can't remember what else they talked about; I'm pretty sure those were all the main subjects. The interview went by really quickly; I wish it could have been longer. It wasn't the best interview of hers with Conan that I've seen, but it was still very entertaining and I was so glad to be there.
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