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Just to let you know a while back when I had started one of the Lorelai/Rory threads I had actually included some quotes from Lauren and Alexis about each other. I can try to find it if you want and if it hasn't been purged.

Thanks for that LJ message about the TCA. I wish we could see pictures of the affectionate moments.

I did find this from the 2003 Television Academy panel thing with GG:

Now, I could watch Lauren Graham read a Paris train schedule all night - in Greek. She is just so.... Marv! Take a cold shower. Umm, now where was? Oh, right. I met her once at a party and she was so much nicer to me than she ever needed to be considering I was all but dribbling and drooling as I tried to tell her how much I liked her work and the show. But putting my unbiased professional hat on here, she was sharp and funny and obviously the person everyone else demurs to when they don't want to speak. Alexis Bledel, who plays her daughter Rory, seems very shy and reticent to speak, but when she did it was obvious she is very dedicated to her craft. It was great seeing the two of them together. Bledel was obviously uncomfortable - actors often swear they are shy and they work best with scripted words, and in truth many are, but every so often Graham would lean over andquietly whisper to her to get her to sit up, smile, etc. She was actually acting like Lorelai would with Rory at some public event . It was so cool.

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