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^I read that the other day and !! Funny how they banter and sarcastically make fun of eachother like Lorelai and Rory do! Oh and did everyone read the bit in the Lauren thread about someone who saw Lauren and Alexis at some event?! Loved the TiVo bit! I'll go find it and bring it over for those who didn't read it, a couple good bits about Lauren and Alexis!

ETA: Found it:

* LG and AB clearly adore each other. They're quite affectionate with one another, actually, and the pair of them is so sweet together it makes you see clearly why that show works. The first charming moment between them occured at the beginning. LG was talking about her TiVo not being able to understand that it should just record new GG episodes and not all the old ones in syndication (well, first she said she left the tv on all day for her dog to watch while she was at work. And you people wonder why I like her so much!). When she said the TiVo "couldn't" learn to record only the new shows, AB (who was sitting next to her) turned and said "you can teach it to do that, you know?"

LG: Really???
AB: Oh yeah, you just....blah blah blah (I don't have TiVo and have no idea what she was saying, but it was some TiVo instructions).
LG: Oh, lord. I'm never going to be able to do that.
AB: It's not THAT hard! You just...blah blah blah (more TiVo instructions).
LG: *laughing* Seriously, Alexis, it's a miracle I can get it to record anything at all.

And then the convo ended with AB giving LG this look that said "Ohhhhhhhhhhh boy...I'll come set it up for you later."

Second charming moment: AB (who is absolutely darling, by the way. She seems like a really young 23. 24? How old is she? She's not snarky or jaded-sounding. She's very self-effacing and bashful almost) was kind of leaning back in her chair. You kids do, lifting the front legs up and bouncing a little? Anyway, she did this a couple of times, and then, without even looking at her, LG reached over and gently patted her leg. Immediately, AB put all four legs of the chair down on the floor.

Third charming moment: When GG started filming, AB had virtually no acting experience. She said she didn't even know half the time what the terminology meant. So, for example, the director was always hollering at her to "hit your mark!" But AB was thinking, "what IS that??" So while filming scenes together, when AB would miss her mark, LG would kind of reach for her and link arms or hug her or whatever to pull her onto her mark, which she demonstrated there on the panel. Apparently, they did this throughout much of the first season.
Got from HERE

The "Third Charming Moment" she mentioned, you can actually kinda see in THIS interview at about 1:13.
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