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Goldderby still remembered my nick and password yesterday and it even let me go to chatroom when I tried. I check the site quite often but I don´t post so I don´t know why it let me in. But anyway Im soo glad that only members can go in and Im sure they will ask some appropriate questions. And Nadine, you will be there, right? You could give us walk throught

something from Kristen

Francesca: Any chance of a Gilmore Girls reunion? I want to know how Amy Sherman-Palladino would have ended it! What was the final line?

I got to ask that very question of Lauren Graham herself, who tells me: "People keep asking me about it, and I haven't spoken to anyone who could actually make it happen. I do wish [Amy S.-P.] had gotten to be a part of the end because the show was so much Amy's vision from the beginning, but there were a number of reasons that wasn't the way it was. But would those four final words have made a difference? I'm not sure. I think we were at a good place to end, and I think it was a natural ending." Lauren also sent out a message to you fans (including you who are still flooding my inbox with "Save Gilmore Girls" messages): "I have been very moved by the response from people in just their kindness about the show and sadness about it ending. I really have appreciated that." Sniffle.

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