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Not sure if this has been posted. There is an interview of Lauren in the July issue of Glamour magazine.

A Gilmore Girl's next act

Carole Radziwill sits down with Lauren Graham just as her hit show wraps up to talk about why funny won't ever get old.

Lunch Data

WHERE: BLD, Los Angeles
WHAT THEY HAD: Tofu salad and a Bloody Mary (Lauren); frittata, roasted potatoes and a Diet Coke (Carole)

CAROLE RADZIWILL: So, no more Gilmore Girls! Are you upset the show was canceled?

LAUREN GRAHAM: Actually, it was a mutual decision—not a surprise. I'm grateful to have had such a long run with a character I liked so much!

CR: That show had a maniacal fan base. Why do you think it touched such a huge nerve?

LG: Well, being a teenage girl can be tough, and this was a show they could really connect to. Young girls used to come up to me and say, "I'm not that close with my mom, but we watch the show together."

CR: Last season you asked your TV boyfriend to marry you. Would you ever do that in real life?

LG: No, I'm more traditional. I feel like a man should ask me on a date and ask me to marry him.

CR: Do you date a lot?

LG: No—I work like 50 hours a day! Perhaps I'll be able to now. Laughs.

CR: How do you even meet anyone?

LG: Oh, maybe I've presented a guy with an award and we've gone on a date. And I have redated people I knew a long time ago.

CR: You're redating? Like a do-over?

LG: Yeah.

CR: Is it a different relationship in the redo?

LG: It wasn't for me. You're up against the same problems.

CR: Do you text?

LG: No! I hate texting. I wish it would die. All this stuff is so far removed from actually getting to know somebody.

CR: That's the point. Nothing will kill a relationship quicker than really knowing the person.

LG: [Laughs.] To me, texting means you don't have the energy to call, you can't even e-mail me, so you're going to text me and not even spell out the whole word?

CR: You were friends with Glamour's editor-in-chief, Cindi Leive, in high school. She said someone came up to her at her twentieth high school reunion and asked her how it felt to be the second most successful person in the class.

LG: Who was the first?

CR: You!

LG: Oh, that's awful. I'm just the most visible. I'm sure there are neurosurgeons in our class saying, "That damn Lauren Graham!" Hollywood always trumps things that are actually important. The guy who won an Oscar for writing Little Miss Sunshine was in our class too.

CR: Does winning a screenwriting Oscar trump you?

LG: [Laughs.] Maybe we should all have a boxing contest.

CR: In your new movie, Evan Almighty, you play Steve Carell's wife. Is he as funny as he seems?

LG: He's super funny, very smart. In the film, God commands him to build an ark and he says no. So God begins to mess with him: He shaves, but when he looks in the mirror he has a beard and biblical robes. It's funny!

CR: Are you excited about your movie career?

LG: I am. I love TV and I hope to do another show at some point, but I feel ready to take a break. Hopefully in 20 years I'll still be working, like Diane Keaton. She once told me, "You'll be OK because you can do comedy. Funny doesn't age." She was an inspiration!

CR: Maybe you'll be like that for a younger generation of actors someday.

LG: Yeah, in the future some girl who watched the show as a teen will be an executive and she'll be like, "Don't you remember, she was on the Gilmore Girlsl? Hire her!"

Full scan here.

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