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There isn't alot at all.

TvGuide Podcast
Starts at 39.41

D: Michael last week, You’ve been talking a lot about first of all GG reunion movie, Your asking every single person on the cast , it seems like, about the possibility of the GG reunion movie. I think you’ve asked Lane that. And Sookie that. You asked ASP about it,
MA: Yes. Actually I didn’t ask her about it. I asked her for the four words , that she promised me.
D: Right and then in that conversation that is when she told you
MA: This is why I can’t tell you.
D: You’ve also talked to Lauren about it. I believe.
MA: Yeah.
D: And Scott Patterson.
MA: Well, after I spoken to Amy, I had to go back to all these people I interviewed and all of them were like “It will never happen. Amy‘s never going to come back.” Well, she said “Guess what?,” Amy was like “ I wanna do it.” So I had to go back and get their comment.
D: And you’ve also spoke to Rob Thomas, several of times.
(talks about VM, and Rob‘s possible VM Feature Film.)
D: Let’s make this clear, when you are talking about GG your talking about …
MA: A TV movie.
D: A TV movie. And some people misinterpreted that , They thought you meant movie movie. Katie says, “Seriously? A GG movie? I am so excited to see that. Right after the Buffy, Sex and the City, and the second X files movie.” And you can add VM to that, There will never be a VM feature film
( MA argues with Dan about VM )
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