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I'm not sure about Alex/Tess. It's interesting and free up Isabelle and Kyle so they can be together but it's weird. I mean in canon she killed him and now they're together?

I guess it depends on the fic.

It's like Michael/Tess. Love both of the characters seperately but together? Not a big fan of UC Michael ships. I've gotta be reading a pretty good fic but then they'd have to explain Maria and why she's not with Michael. I don't read fics where she's dead or a minor character so it'll probably not work for me then.

I did read a fic with Isabelle/Max by DocPaul called Rebels and Saviours but it's totally AU so Alex is with Topolsky and I'm pretty sure Liz is with Sean or gets with him in the sequel. You don't really remember the canon version of these characters when reading it so it's not weird.
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