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Nothing about GG yet. I'm sharing because it's amusing me - so far.
eta: not amused any more. as Angel said. Now I want to sic Emily on that Ostroff tramp.

Ausiello Report
posted by Angel Cohn
Live CW Upfront Coverage

11:01 The Pussycat Dolls are performing "Doncha you wish your girlfriend was hot like me." All I think while watching them bump and grind up there is "you bitches may've killed Veronica!"

11:05 CW president (and honorary "Girl") Dawn Ostroff takes the stage and welcomes us to the second CW upfront.

11:07 Last year was about establishing the network. This year is about not going out of business finding new hits.

11:09: Dawn's diving right into the sked, starting with Wednesday night. ANTM is staying put at 8 pm. Tyra's in the house!

11:10 Tyra introduces a highlight reel from Cycles 7 and 8.
11:11 While the clips play, let me take a moment to remind Mars fans that a press conference with ostroff will immediately follow the upfront. And she better have good news for us.

11:13 back to the sked, Josh Schwartz's Gossip Girl follows ANTM at 9 pm. "This show is going to to for NYC what The O.C. did for Orange County," Ostroff predicts.

11:16 We're getting our first glimpse of Gossip... And OMG, Kristen bell really is narrating the thing. (exclusive scoopbit; Schwartz told me moments ago on the red carpet that Kristen will likely be replaced if VM gets picked up.)

11:20 Wow, it feels like Kelly Rutherford — the mom on the show — went from ingenue to matriarch overnight.

11:21 Pretty people. Bitchy dialogue. Kelly Rutherford. I'm hooked.

11:23 The cast walks on stage. they're doing a little shtick in character — and Kristen's narrating that too. It's almost like she's standing backstage with a microphone. Kristen, come out and tell us everything is going to be OK!!!!

11:29 On to thursday, Smallville and Supernatural are staying put. Ditto Friday with Smackdown.

11:34 On to Sunday, and two new quasi reality shows no one will watch: CW Now and Online Nation.

11:36 CW ad sales boss Bill Morningstar is doing a spiel on content wraps. I hope someone acknowledges the passing of Gilmore Girls. A video tribute would be nice.

11:40 Onto Sunday and the new South African-set family drama Life Is Wild. And yes, they are really shooting this thing in South Africa. At least that's what the cast told me on the red carpet.

11:43 Life sucks. I give Life two weeks.

11:45 Dawn announces that she's "strategically holding One Tree Hill until midseason." She also confirms what we already knew; the show will flash forward four years. The missing years will be filled in via online diaries. Yippee!!!

11:48 Midseason reality competish Crowned — which features mother and daughter teams competing in a beauty pageant — could be fun. I said could.

11:50 Onto Monday, Everybody Hates Chris kicks things off at 8. Dawn breaks news! Creator Chris Rock will guest star in the season premiere as a guidance counselor.

11:57 New 8:30 comedy Aliens in America looks shockingly funny!

11:59 Girlfriends and The Game return from 9-10.

12:01 Onto Tuesday, Beauty and the Geek replaces gilmore girls at 8. Oooh, Dawn finally brings up Gilmore. Grab your tissues! "While we're sad to see Gilmore Girls go," she says "the truth is Beauty and the Geek actually performed better among young adult viewers." WTF!? That's the tribute?! Unbelievable!

12:05 New 9 pm "thrillomedy" Reaper has a little Buffy-Supernatural vibe going on. Me like. Added bonus; it costars Invasion sidekick Tyler Labine and the dude who killed Laura Palmer.

12:08 To close the show, one of the Dolls — don't ask me which one — comes back onstage and performs the "world premiere" of the CW's new theme song, "Get Into It."

12:13 Upfront over. Press conference assembling. Stand by for the final word on Veronica Mars! My heart is racing!


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