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TvGuide Podcast
11 May 2007

D: Okay oddly enough the one week we do a podcast on a Thursday , because somebody needed the day off the next
A: Somebody
MA: Which didn’t even happen
D: All hell broke loose literally , when we were finishing the recording
MA: Yeah
D: Mainly, Gilmore Girls, the big new coming up is that this is it’s last season
MA: Right
D: Tell us first Mike before we get into your fantastic interview with Lauren Graham, Tell us your personal, because you are such a famous fan of this show, your personal feelings about that
MA: Well, I’m crushed because I won’t have the show to talk about next season , you know? That’s a big thing, you know, it’s like a lot of, I don’t know. It’s just uh, ever since I’ve been here at Tv Guide it’s been a big part of my job, covering this show. And it’s a little hard to let go. Ah, from a creative stand point, you know I’m not terribly crushed, that it’s ending, um, if I had heard that Amy Sherman Palladino was returning and she was going to do these final 13 episodes, then, you know, that is something that I really would have pushed for. But since that was never going to happen , I don’t know I kinda feel like, you know why not bow out now?
D: And Mike break it down for us clear cut, what exactly went wrong, what exactly didn’t happen, in order for the show to come back.
MA: Well, it sounds like Lauren and Alexis put so many conditions on that 13 episode 8th season, that the show wasn’t going to be Gilmore Girls anymore and the CW eventually realized that, you know? It means that Lauren and Alexis would have a drastically shorter schedule and weren’t gonna be on air as much
D: Well,
MA: So there would have been more Sookie
D: Ah, oh no oh no!
MA: More Luke's sister
D: We can’t have that
MA: So, and I think ultimately they realized “If we can’t keep it the same show, and have it be Gilmore Girls for those 13 episodes .” The CW ultimately realized that is probably not in our best interest to bring it back
A: And I think it’s actually nicer, cuz if I think if that was the case, that the fans would probably have been unhappy. In the long run.
MA: Yeah, it would have been like it was slinking off to it’s death, you know? And it’s better to go out now.
D: And Mike, a listener named Katie wrote in pointing out that back in January, at the winter press tour, you quoted Dawn Ostroff as saying When the time comes for Gilmore to end, she [Dawn Ostroff] would like to give producers time to wrap things up. But its “ ‘premature’ ” to talk about that now. Obviously there was not time to really wrap things up
MA: No, but there was enough likely hood that it was going to be the final episode, that they prepared for it. The episodes works as a series finale and season finale. And knowing what that final scene is, I think it’s a very appropriate way to go.
D: Well, it works as in a sense where it doesn’t end on a cliffhanger or something but I don’t think it works cuz a lot of fans out there, you know from reading the comments on your message boards, they want like a freaking wedding between Luke and Lorelai, and a pregnancy simultaneously.
MA: And Lauren said that that was just never gonna happen . And you know even if ASP was on the show, I guarantee you that she would not have ended it with a wedding between L/L. I really don’t think so
D: And I think in terms of finger pointing going on , on these situations, let’s just be clear, it doesn’t seem like in this case, the network was the bad guy.
MA: I don’t think so, definitely not.
A: I think they made a really tough decision.
MA: I don’t think that they are the bad guys here, I really don’t

D: And Mike, let’s get into this in-depth interview you did with Lauren Graham because, as I’ve mentioned before, one of the great things about your interviews is that you just really report everything they say to you, and it’s almost like you let them live by their words or die by their words. And one of the most interesting things I sort of read between the lines here you asked her, “Were you happy with the show creatively this season?”
Angel sighs
D: And she says “I was happy with the process.” Let’s be clear this is the first season without the Palladinos. Lauren Graham as the executive producer
MA: Yeah.
D: What I’m reading into this interview is , If there is a story line that the fans didn’t like, Ms. Lauren Graham might be the reason why.
MA: The reason why?!
D: It seems like she had a lot more input on this story line
MA: Yeah, but wouldn’t read it as she is taking the blame
D: No she’s not taking the blame, She’s proud to have had more input this season. And that is what I think screwed up the show
MA: Oh, I don’t know if that’s the case. I actually don’t think this season was the disaster, that a lot of people make it out to be. Considering all the backstage upheaval, I think David Rosenthal, did a pretty decent job
A: Right, he’s totally written into corner with that last scene, so he did what
MA; Right, he had the toughest job in Tv this season
D: Well, that’s a good point , I mean some people have pointed it out that if Amy Sherman Palladino actually left him with a nice easy wave then _
MA: Right It wasn’t his idea to throw Christopher and Lorelai back together again
D: And Mike you also kinda nicked in the bud I think this whole sort of rumor that tensions between her and Scott , are you satisfied with the answer Lauren gave you which is “It’s been a working relationship like most of them are. He’s been great in that part. I loved my scenes with him and the chemistry we had. “ Is that enough to sort of quell that story
MA: Um, well it’s interesting. I just talked to Scott Patterson and I asked him the very same question, And Uh… I don’t want to give away what he said but, you know based on both of their responses, it’s fair to say, like any relationship, they’ve had their ups and downs
A: Well again, it’s been 7 years, it’s hard to maintain any relationship for 7 years
D: How long have you and Steve been married?
A: 9
D: Ok then.
A: No, I’m just saying without having moments that are good, and moments that are bad, like any relationship, working or love or whatever
MA: But I don’t think it, I don’t think anyone is under the impression that these 2 people were best friends. That they hung out, outside of work. It was clearly a professional working relationship.
A: Kinda like us.
MA: Exactly
D: Although you know, she talks here that she and DS that plays Chris, do have an outside work friendship. It seems like
MA: And also its interesting she says that "I’m closer to DS, and we’ve been to dinner."
D: Right
MA: And the way she said dinner was , “We’ve dated”
D: And so some fans out there might interpret as “ Wow that’s why we’ve had so many Christopher scenes, even though we hate Chris.”
MA: They’ve already interpreted that that way , that was the whole point of the question that I asked her. But her response was fair too, She wanted to make more of an interesting love triangle. I agree, I hate love triangles where it’s obvious who the right guy or girl is. Who the couple is. I like it more complicated and interesting. Do I think that they succeeded with that this season ? No. I don’t think that Chris was more interesting, I think he was just annoying
D: And a lot of the fans in you blog seem to be using the word “wasted” Like, “We’ve wasted a lot of this season with Lorelai/ Chris in retrospect since this is the last season it could have been better used.”
MA: Yeah I suppose that is a good argument to be made
A: But shouldn’t they just be happy , that at the end of the day Luke and Lorelai are on good terms, they’re
MA: I think so
A: Whatever
D: And just a general vibe I got she had this cute answer to you about “ yeah, we’re going to do the Gilmore Girls movie and the musical, and I’m just going to do everything Gilmore Girls.” It’s clear that she’s ready to move on. With her life, her career, everything else.
MA: Without a doubt,. No question about it.
A: And charming movies like Because I Said So.
D: Well, we actually have a funny mail about that, we’ll get to it in a sec. but it just seems like it’s one of those cases where the fans care more about the show than the actors. These are professional people, they’re doing job and then they move on
MA: You know it’s kinda like, your damned if you do I, and your damned if you don’t. You know will you be criticized actors if you stay on the show too long, like 7th heaven . And be criticized if they go out in their 7th season. You know, it’s, you can’t have it both ways
A: And seven years is a long time
MA: It is a long time
D: Uh, so Mike lets get to the mail bag a little bit more about GG, Uh, Movie King J one of our bloggers, says quotes you as saying “Lauren Graham - the closest thing that Hollywood has ever likely to get to another Katherine Hepburn.” I understand that Michael has missed his show, but I think he went a bit over board on the hyperbole.
MA: Yeah, it’s possible I went over-board but who cares ? It’s my column
D: I don’t even like Katherine Hepburn, so to me that’s not a compliment. Sorry
M: To me it is
MA: That’s actually what I intended it as back- handed *whoosh* .
D: Uh, and Dee from Michigan, echos a lot of fans saying that "the planned finale for Gilmore Girls is the worst ever, Rory and Logan will be cheated by this ending, why isn’t is just fine for everyone to just end up happy, except Logan?" They are worried about Logan’s feelings
MA: Oh, you know what, I think they really botched the Rory and Logan breakup, I think that was really handled poorly.
A: It was tough.
MA: After 3 years it was just so rough
A: Like I liked how she was questioning whether or not she should marry him or not. But the whole all or nothing thing seemed like very OOC for him
D: Although Logan is going to be an Internet Millionaire from San Francisco he’s going to have a happy life.
MA: He is going to have a happy life.
A: With avocado trees.
MA: With ending the relationship with him walking away angry, I don’t know it seemed wrong.
D: Uh, a listener, Ester says “ Please tell me that the word Series Finale which flashed across the episode promo isn’t what the CW meant by giving Gilmore it’s proper send off."
D: Yikes, it might be. Uh, John “Gilmore is now canceled, So Lauren and Alexis can live their lives as big characters in mediocre to bad movies
M: Oh, Spiteful
MA: There was a, ah I wont say it.
D: And uh, Mike we mentioned the Palladinos a listener named Nike wants to know if you’ve heard anything more about the Jezebel James Pilot
MA: Well
D: That’s even with the_
MA: I’m actually not hearing a lot about it, which is not a good sign
A: Right
MA: You know I’m not hearing anything good or bad about it. It has really fallen below the radar.
D: Hmm. And obviously its not, it’s gonna be a mid season show if anything at this point
MA: Why ?
D: You think it’s going to be announced next week
MA: Why wouldn’t it be?
D: I don’t know.
MA: Well…
D: Cuz you’ve haven’t heard anything about it.
MA: Yeah but that doesn’t mean anything, that’ s not an indication of a mid season pick up or anything
D: Or
MA: Meaning it could surprise us, I haven’t heard anything that’s all.
A: I’m excited for next week
(blabs about Upfronts)
D: Let’s talk about this weeks episode of Gilmore Girls which is the 2nd to last episode ever. Uh, Dee from Michigan says “If I should live to be 150 years old, I know I will never see such a contrived force in an absurd hour of Tv. Lorelai’s attitude is disgusting, of course they had to find a reason to the rejection so they had to have Logan’s “all or nothing” to the proposal, Rory and Especially Lorelai is forever ruined in my eyes.”
D: People are not taking it well
A: People are harsh.
MA: I didn’t like it either
A: I know but that seems harsh
D: Uh, Doug says that “This is as lame as Lorelai’s ultimatum at the end of last season, to Luke"
A: I wasn’t as mad as , I think that that guy’s anger is misplaced at Lorelai
D: Maybe. And you know what I mentioned this before one of the things I hated about GG is, I know it’s part of its charm, is this whole Stars Hollow universe that worships these 2 people. And it’s almost like you can do a horror parody which Rory is the last young girl born, almost like Children of Men but with Rory because there’s clearly no other choice, no other children in this town. And everybody is like “Oh my god ! Rory is graduating !” The entire universe has to center around her
A: Historical reenactment
D: Yeah I mean can you imagine? This is like hell
MA: Boy, that would have been my perfect childhood grow up town. A place where it is all about me constantly
D: That’s what Tv Guide offices like actually.
(Blah Blah Blah)
D: One of the best letters comes from Ashley this week who says “Mike we all know about that whole last few words that Amy had planned in her head , are we ever ever ever going to find those out, really?
MA: She promised to give them to me and I do not know her to be a woman who would go back on that .
D: Oh.
A: So basically your hounding her down
D: Well, Mike
MA: No no she knows I’m out here waiting patiently
A: Or not so patiently
D: Well, you know what Mike, never mind Mike we scooped you. The listener Ashley has got the last words
MA: Oh great. Lets hear them
D: It’s not 4 words like you’ve once said. It’s 3 words
MA: Oh,
D: Renew Veronica Mars. >>> side note: because that makes so much sense<<<<
Those are the last 3 words that will appear on GG eve. Renew Veronica Mars.
A: I don’t think so

Holy ****ing Sh+t . I think I now have carpal tunnel syndrome.
Cruel and Beautiful World.

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