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Long awaited ! Srry guys something came up
But her is the TS for the Podcast

TVGuide Pod cast 4/27
Starts 31:19

D: And Mike we got a letter from someone, Katie, asking if Alexis Bledel’s participation in Traveling Pants has any effect whatsoever on Gilmore. Does that have any impact whatsoever? The fact that she will be busy this summer filming a movie

MA: Well America F. has got Ugly Betty so it would be the same issue

D: I don’t know, I don’t know. Just throwing it out there

MA: It seems kinda like a dumb question to me

Angel laughs

D: Katie I’m sorry about Michael

MA: Everybody goes off and does a movie on their hiatus. I’m sorry Katie, but that really was a dumb Question

D: sighs. Alright

A: I don’t know how happy Alexis about it. I had told her I really liked her in that when I saw her last time and she kinda gave me a look

D: Why would she be happy? She thinks she’s a real actress and she’s doing a movie called Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

MA: Who is this? America F?

A: Alexis

D; It’s ridiculous

MA: But a lot of people loved that movie

D: They loved the books

MA: No but I think they liked the movie too, It didn’t get bad reviews

A: It’s a cool movie

M: and it’s not aimed at you Dan

D: No its not aimed at me. Amber T. was good in it though . I’ll give it that much.

A: I liked America, I thought she was very good so

D: Yeah I like America too Angel but patriotism has nothing to do with this conversation.
Bubba , Our friend Bubba leads off our GG mailbag this week. We got a bunch of letters of this week’s episode. I’m gonna read a bunch then I wanna get your comments.
“Best episode ever of GG so far !” says Bubba .“I like Rory, it was refreshing to see her get rejected for something for once. Even Sookie was tolerable.” I don’t know about that . Josh Stone says “Finest Episode of the season, the chemistry between L and L is back, it’s as if it was season four all over again.” And UH, Steffanie says “I loved that it was Paris heavy , I didn’t expect that at all. I feel that they made her into even more 3D character. And Liza was great this episode. One of the best character to watch this season for sure.”
Uh, Natasha loved GG, everything worked well it was funny “ And Finally Dee from Michigan says “This week’s episode was incredibly bad! The writers were obliviously looking for any excuse they can to send up Rory off as a civil career woman. Since when did Rory start believing everything Paris says. When did Rory all of a sudden become this emotional weakling. This whole Rory / Logan Breakup storyline is ridiculous”
Angel, Mike your thoughts

MA: Rory and Logan broke up? Not in the episode I saw.

D: No no no, but leading up to it. Your thoughts guys

A; I didn’t love it

MA: I liked it, I didn’t like it as much as the previous episode, which all of you hated

D: I didn’t like it very much at all, But I liked the Rory/Paris scenes

A: I was happy about Paris yes

D: And I liked, There was other stuff in there I liked to, but I didn’t like the main stuff with Lorelai

A: That first scene of Lorelai in the diner, was awful. AWFUL!

MA: Why ?

A: I just, I didn’t like it at all like

MA: Why? How would you of written it differently ?

A: I don’t know it just, I don’t know. I’m not a TV writer (>side note: LAME!!<) But I just didn’t enjoy it

MA: Well, I liked it. I thought some of the car stuff went on a little too long. The car shopping . You know I knew what they were doing there. Um,

A: And the whole thing about like her doll house being crumbled . Again the heavy handed symbolism

MA + D: OH yeah

D: I mean I does sort of correlates to the Sookie role. I mean if Sookie and Jackson are in a scene just drop the TV, just turn off the TV. Walk away for a while please

Angel Laughs

MA: You’ve got to admit the final scene between L and L was really sweet

A: Yeah, Yes. But I don’t know that

MA: The way he took care of her whole car and the smile on her face, it was just, It was nice to see the two of them connecting again

A: But if I’m only enjoying, … If It’s 44 minutes and I’m enjoying 15 of them. I don’t know

D: I mean to me the highlight was the fact that Rory did get rejected for something. They doesn’t happen enough. And I thought Liza Wiel had like a career moment this show

A: it was her Emmy’s episode?

D: Uh, yeah yeah if there was any kinda Emmy for this supporting role, this would be her Emmy episode. I mean this was her single best piece of acting she’s ever done. I think on this show

A: you just like Paris

D: I do like Paris, I thought she was great in this episode. So, Mike do you agree or disagree

MA: I agree

D: Ok thank you

MA: People were talking about , emailing me about a possible Paris spinoff, after watching the episode. I can see it

D: I’d watch it

A: I would watch that

D: I probably watch it more than I watch Gilmore, although I’m not a huge fan of Danny Strong, Sorry Buffy Fans.

MA: I think they’re fun together,

D; That’s just me. Yeah they do go well together. And Mike, Katie, a different Katie, is desperate to know, with 3 episodes left to air, This is getting ridiculous that there isn’t an update on the show’s coming back. But they’re waiting for upfronts probably to make a decision

MA: I don’t think they are waiting for upfronts.

D: No?

MA: No. I think as soon as this thing is signed they are going to announce it .

D: Ok

MA: I don’t know what’s holding it up, I don’t know what is taking so long . But I haven’t heard anything to lead me to believe that it’s not coming back . Like all the stuff I’m still hearing is probably 13 episodes, at least

A: I mean does the CMW (sic) have a good development schedule? Like really they

MA: They have a lot of , well I think they have a lot of good development, Yes. Half of which is being produced by Josh Schwartz

D: Right, Right like Gossip Girl Which is filming around here .. . Blah blah blah.
And Uh, Mike is upfronts is the sort of drop dead deadlines? Do they have to have a decision by upfronts?
Because they have to present it to advertise

MA: Yes

D: Ok so at least we know there is a deadline , its middle May. Week of May 14

MA: 2.5 weeks away.

D: Ok that’s something. And Sylvia from Italy , Italy’s #1 GG fan , has a very cute letter talking about your spoiler about L and L in your column this week. And she says “I can say without a doubt that the response to your last question in that write up is a definite yes. We do want to know how much tongue there is. Which is never enough. Please give us details and how many takes they had to do.

MA: Ask Ausiello Next week

A: Watch the vodcast

Blah Blah blah
The End
Cruel and Beautiful World.

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