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From Ask Matt this morning:

Question: I know television creators are taught to live in fear of the dreaded Moonlighting fiasco of getting fan-favorite characters together, but doesn't the opposite hurt a show just as much? .....Gilmore Girls went downhill because of writing and plot, not Luke and Lorelai hooking up. ...Thanks!— Sara

Matt Roush: As with most things, it depends on the show and the situation. Romantic drama and/or comedy is embedded in the premise of shows like Grey's and Veronica, so keeping core characters apart makes no sense. But adding complications to their relationships does, because that's the way of ongoing weekly drama. I'd argue that breaking up Veronica and Logan makes more sense than the way the Lorelai-Luke mess played out because of 1) the characters' respective ages, 2) the age of the shows themselves and 3) the circumstances. Veronica is in many ways a youth noir about a girl living a hard-knock life in terms of social status and love life. It shouldn't be easy for her. Whereas on Gilmore, Lorelai and Luke kept their distance for a good long time, working through a number of relationships before they finally started playing house. I agree that putting them together did not ruin the show. What ruined the show was separating them by a surprise daughter and a surprise proposal, two contrived twists this once-wonderful show has never quite recovered from ......
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