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this week's podcast


DM = Daniel Manu
MA = Michael Ausiello
AC = Angel Cohn
MMcD = Maitland McDonagh

START 6.37

DM: And some other big news in our little bubble was news that Mr. Ausiello broke. About Gilmore Girls and a possible shortened 8th season.
MA: I think we can change it to likely at this point.
DM: Well that’s news, because a lot of people were wondering about, you know, how likely is it. You mention it is a possibility; someone actually wrote in saying that ‘a friend of mine, an intern at the WB,---
DM: ---says they’re tearing down the sets as we speak’.
AC: Oh. Warner Bros.
DM: Yeah, ‘they’re tearing down the sets as we speak.’
MA: Well, anything is possible, I mean, until a deal is signed. And nothing is certain. However, at this wrap party on Sunday night, everyone was talking about it as if it was a done deal. You know, it wasn’t a done deal, but there was no signature, but I guess the feeling is, it’s just now paperwork.
DM: Interesting.
MA: But I’m not gonna go ahead and declare that it’s definitely coming back, because, you know, Lauren could change her mind at the last minute.
AC: Honestly, I think I would be okay with it ending, or the shortened season, either way. But if it ends, I think I’ve come to terms with it.
MA: Well the interesting thing is it’s coming at a week where I feel like Gilmore Girls had it’s best episode of the season.
AC: Really?
MA: I really do, I---
DM: Before we get into the episode, I’m gonna throw some questions at you, Mike, that our listeners have. Maybe you know the answer, maybe you don’t. About this possible shortened 8th season. Katie says “will it include Alexis Bledel in every episode or will it be a Rory-light episode?” she’s wondering. A lot of people are asking that. A lot of people actually apparently thought that Alexis Bledel was the hold up, so that’s why I think this angle is coming up.
MA: Well, I think--- I don’t think Alexis Bledel is the hold up. Ultimately it’s gonna come down to Lauren. I think Lauren is gonna base her decision on what Alexis decides. Like, if Alexis says “I’ll do 8th episodes”, Lauren has to decide “is that enough for me to wanna come back?” I really think that’s how it’s gonna come down. I really think the final person is gonna be, it’s riding all on Lauren, you know. My feeling is that if they come back for 13 episodes, Alexis will probably in all of them.
DM: Interesting.
MA: That’s what I’m feeling. That’s not what I’m hearing, it’s what I’m feeling.
DM: Who will be the show runner? Will David Rosenthal?
MA: That’s the big question. I don’t know.
DM: Okay. And other people of course want to know Matt Czuchry; but I think that depends on whether it happens or not. Right?
MA: I think it’s--- I think it’s fairly obvious, you know, what, you know, what Matt’s role on next season will be. Based on what we know about this season.
DM: Well, speaking to that, because that’s--- you’re referring to the scoop you broke the other week---
MA: All these readers reminded me it wasn’t actually scoop because it had been rumoured for weeks now, about this proposal. But anyway. I’m really grumpy about that.
DM: Well anyway--- A listener all the way from Singapore, Ling from Singapore, who listens to podcast and also follows Gilmore Girls, I’m not sure how, says “this week’s episode sucked. Why bother with the whole Logan and Lorelai heart to heart and bonding over pie if he and Rory are splitting up soon. The whole episode could have been Sookie’d except for the last five minutes with Lorelai and Luke in the maze.” Mike, you just said you thought it was a great episode.
MA: I loved it. I thought it was a great episode. I don’t think just because we know that a couple is gonna be breaking up that their final weeks together have to be miserable. You know---
AC: See, that is the problem I have with it.
DM: I didn’t like it. I didn’t like it either.
MA: You didn’t?
DM: I didn’t. I liked the last five minutes with Luke and Lorelai, I didn’t like the Rory stuff.
MA: I loved the Rory-Logan stuff. First of all, I was shocked that he never even stepped foot in Stars Hollow. That was shocking.
DM: Good point, yes.
MA: But still, it’s okay. I’m glad they made a big deal of it.
DM: Hey I was him I wouldn’t step foot in Stars Hollow either. That town is a freaking nightmare.
AC: I liked the town stuff.
MA: But I mean I thought there were some really sweet moments between Logan and Rory, and there was a really great moment, I thought, between Rory and Lorelai when Rory was on the train coming home from New York. And telling her mom about the job interview and just, was really touching the way her mom, Lorelai was just so truly excited for her. And it felt really genuine and real and it was nice to see them have, you know, a really nice mother-daugther moment.
DM: I mean to me the best scene, except for Luke and Lorelai at the end, was Lorelai-Logan in the kitchen. That to me was a stand out scene there. Maybe I like Matt Czuchry as an actor, he’s a better actor, frankly than Alexis Bledel is.
AC: I just felt like hitting you over the head with the symbolism. Like, Rory and Logan have this talk about sort of their future together and they’re standing at a crossroads and then they--- he sort of takes her hand and they walk down one way, and then like, you know, Lorelai sort of wandering lost in the maze and then she meets Luke and has this discussion and then he sort of--- you know, they go their separate ways but he helps her out of the maze. Like, it just sort of like----
MA: I thought they actually--- they handled that really well, because any other show would have had Logan and Rory when they came to that crossroad stop and say something like ‘which way should we go’ ‘oh, I think we should go this way’ and then walk off. I thought it was really kind of subtle how they did it where it was very quick how it happened. Here’s the crossroad and just, he left with her. I thought that was really nicely done.
AC: I thought it was a little hokey.
DM: And uh---
MA: This coming from someone who watches One Tree Hill.
AC: I don’t watch One Tree Hill! He watches One Tree Hill.
DM: I watched it for several years. I just like the people on it.
MA: I’m sorry. I’m as subtle as my boys, Angel.
DM: Oh jeez. Which, anyway---
MA: Oh yeah, I’ll go there Maitland. If I have to, I will.
MMcD: You will.
DM: And Mike, just you know, we’re all --- all school grads and stuff. Rory is an idiot for turning down that Providence Journal.
AC: Yes.
DM: It’s a major paper.
AC: A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Don’t turn that into a dirty thing!
DM: It’s a job most journalism school graduates would kill to have, and she’s turning it down for a possible ‘fellowship’. Idiot girl. That’s all I have to say about that.

END 11.56
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