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The podcast's up. There wasn't much about GG. They talked about the "possible" shortened season 8, and MA said that can be changed to "likely," rather than possible. He said everyone's talking about it like it's a done deal, but that, of course, nothing's on paper yet.

Mike said that he wrote that it comes done to Lauren being the deciding factor because she'll base her decision on what AB does. If Alexis says she'll do, say, 8 episodes, Lauren will have to decide if that's enough for her to want to come back. He said that Matt's role in a season 8 seems pretty clear based on the spoilers. (But that was just his opinion).

As for the episode, Mike really liked the RL stuff. In reaction to an angry letter about how they're showing RL being together so well, yet they're going to break them up, Mike commented on how just because we know a couple's going to break up that they're final weeks together do not have to be miserable. And they all discussed how they thought Rory was crazy to turn down the job.
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