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New Salma article from

Hayek Gets Tough with Domestic Violence
13 April 2007

Actress Salma Hayek is urging women to take control of their lives and help others in an effort to end domestic violence. The Oscar-nominated Frida actress has joined a Marie Claire crusade to wipe out domestic violence in the next 10 years and thinks it's time women started to make a stand to demand the respect they deserve. She says, "Men have been running the world and - I'm sorry - but they have not taken us to a good place. We are in crisis. What would happen if women were in power? What decisions would we make? If women are going to have the self-respect they need to go out and make a change in society, it has to start with how they're treated in their homes." Pregnant Hayek admits she was introduced to domestic violence at a young age - when her father attempted to stop a man from beating up his wife in the street. She recalls, "Instead of being grateful, she (the beaten woman) turned and started beating him (father) for defending her. Some people might say, 'Well, then it's her fault, ' but it made me realize she needed much more help than someone breaking up a fight."

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