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DM = Daniel Manu
MA = Michael Ausiello
AC = Angel Cohn
MMcD = Maitland McDonagh

START 20.36

DM: Mike, a ton of Gilmore stuff swirling out there.
MA: Really, I love how we get all those emails while the show isn’t on.
AC: The show hasn’t been on for, like, 6 weeks.
DM: Literally, literally---
MA: I keep--- I personally keep the show alive---
DM: Well, a lot of it is because of you; because of the scoop you broke in your vodcast last week, and these fans, I forwarded you some of the mails, are going insane over this Logan and Rory break up. Did you anticipate that fans really cared that much about this couple?
MA: I know that they love the couple, so, sure, I anticipated that they were gonna be upset by it and I’m not surprised by the outpouring of sadness and emotion, yeah.
DM: I mean here is just a sample of it. Katie says, uh, she wrote this incredibly long single spaced thing that’s insane, but in a good way, Katie. She says “what about us fans, Dave Rosenthal, who’ve been invested in this couple for three years, who believe. Especially this season they’ve gone through every problem, every fight and come out stronger together. We get a break up. And it feels like we believed in Dave and the story he told us, even the stupid ones, like Marty and the TA, and now we get no reward.”
MA: You know, I—I’m not gonna judge the episode until I see it. I said the same thing last year when we knew once ahead of time that Christopher and Lorelai were gonna sleep together in the finale.
AC: ‘Cuz that worked out so well.
MA: No, it didn’t work out well, but, you know what, I still didn’t want to prejudge it. I wanted to see how—what lead to it and what happened in the circumstances surrounding it. You know, on paper, I’m not, like, a hundred percent against the idea of Rory and Logan breaking up. I’m not. And I love them as a couple, but we all know that people you’re in love with, relationships, they do end. You know, and that doesn’t mean that the time they spent with each other means anything.
AC: Did the crams [???] come between you and someone recently?
DM: Awww, no, no, no.
AC: You seem to be speaking from the heart.
MA: I don’t have one.
AC: Really?
DM: But Mike, give us, I don’t know if that’s spoiling it, upcoming in your next vodcast, you have some Gilmore --- interesting Gilmore scoop. Can you give us a little tease?
MA: Did you take a little look at the script?!
DM: I did, because---
MA: He gets an advanced scoop, he looked at the script.
DM: Because we got a couple of letters that hint at it; I can read the letters, I know you’re not gonna spoil it.
MA: Great. Yeah.
DM: Well, let me just tell you what the letters are saying, and then you can say “wait for the vodcast”. Craig Best, our number one Gilmore fan who writes us every single week with Gilmore questions, says “I heard Lauren sent the season finale script back to Dave Rosenthal, because she didn’t like it.” Also, our friend, I think it’s Sylvia, yeah, our friend Sylvia out there from Italy, says “Dear Ausiello, help me please, my head is going to explode because of some information I read. Lauren has forced the writers to rewrite the script for the finale, because of her hatred towards Scott Patterson?” Mike, we’re gonna hear the scoop in your vodcast.
MA: Next week’s vodcast, yes. This will be cast.
DM: I can’t wait. The truth will finally come out.
AC: Juicy.
DM: I know once she got that producer credit, she was gonna become a little diva. A little diva, that said. Uh, Mike---
MA: I love Lauren Graham.
DM: Yes, yes.
MA: Just for the record.

END 23.27

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