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It's pretty much been covered, he didn't say much - but for those who can't get the &*%^*&% vidcast site to play, here's the wording:

Ausiello’s vodcast, April 10 - transcript

.... From Seattle we head east to Stars Hollow, where a behind the scenes tussle is ensuing over the show’s season, and possibly series, finale. As many of you have heard, my BFF Lauren Graham requested some tweaks be made to the script, temporarily delaying production and leading to all kinds of rumors, chief among them, that Lauren wanted to downplay Luke and Lorelai's [sic] in the episode. Not true. Multiple sources tell me that Lauren’s notes were not just about Luke and Lorelai, rather they pertained to Lorelai’s scenes with several characters and it was more of a general change in direction to make the scenes “more emotional.” And although all indications are that the changes led to a better and more fulfilling episode, I feel and have always felt that a show works best when the talent stays out of the creative process all together. It’s one of the reasons this show [vidcast] has become an instant phenomena .... [MA goes off into a stupid long joke of him being the “talent” fighting with the vidcast directors]

Lorelai, about her dog: He's totally fine having his personal freedoms slowly stripped away,
as long as he's completely unaware that it's happening - just like a true American.
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