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Hey guys. I only have a few seconds but I have to give you all an update on my two amazing tours. I'll give more specifics tomorrow, but I'll tell the spoilers now. I haven't caught up yet, only on Criag's site, so if any of this is a repeat, I'm sorry. And make sure this all gets over the other thread.

I didn't see any actors, but that's ok. I got into everything on the Deluxe on Friday, because every stage and set was open. I saw both remaining GG stages, ER, S60, two comedy stages. I went into Luke's, Sookie's, Patty's, Lane's, Liz's, Paris' apartment, the Soda Shop, etc. It was great.

I'm still not past the "I stood in Luke's!" phase here, so I'll try to give the best recap of spoilers.

In ep. 20, Lane and Zach take the twins on a tour of SH. Rory and Lorelai have some sort of sad time where they drown their sorrows, and Rory talks to Logan.

In ep. 21 (Unto the Breach), the guide said that the townies are upset that they can't go to Rory's graduation. They (Babette, Patty, Kirk), etc talk about how they're not invited in Luke's and there's a town meeting about how they feel like they should be invited. Paris and Doyle pack up their apartment (I saw all the boxes still in place after the scene). Rory tells Lorelai that Chris is coming to the graduation. Her dream seems to be in ep. 21, too, according to the guide, and he said he saw her in her Chilton uniform and a wig (that looks like season 1-3) filming in the CS.

In Bon Voyage, Lorelai tells Luke that they have to cancel a party, but I don't know what the party is. There's a nighttime scene in Sookie's that was filmed on Thurs in which sookie gives Lorelai a fannypack. Also, there's a scene with Luke, Lorelai and Rory and all the townies in the finale. The guide said that he swears he saw MC's name on one of the callsheets for the finale. They were filming in Luke's either Wed. night or Thursday, because it was set up for filming on Wed, but clear on Friday. The CS and the DFI remained hot sets though on Friday, and LG was filming in one of those on Wednesday.

Some general stuff: There was filming in the gazebo around what I think is ep. 21. There was a scene inside it, but the gazebo was covered in a tent for a few days to hide whatever was being done in there. The guides had no idea was it was.

There's a sign that was made that says "Bon Voyage, Rory," I saw in the mansion sound stage.

The "For Sale" sign on the mansion is a joke, according to the guide, not something related to the show.

Um, both guides said they didn't know about a season 8 yet, but one got very depressing by the end of the tour, saying things like, "it'll be sad in a week when all these soundstages are gone forever," etc.

I'll be back tomorrow with pictures.
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