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Originally Posted by Cappuccino (View Post)
I can't remember when she said it the first time but she said the decision is already made. I thought it was in the first post, too but I just checked and it's not there.

@ Jessi if you are around can you confirm that please
Sorry I'm having trouble with my internet connection today. It's so slow, I hope this post will show up. One single post is all I'm asking for...

Anyway: Yeah I told you about a week or two ago that the decision has been made a while ago. And yesterday I told you again when the topic came up, but since I feel like I am posting and posting but no one is reading I didn't point it out again and again.

I was told that the decision season eight or not was made weeks ago (I know it for five or six(?) weeks now and I don't know how long before the decision was made).

Unfortunately I can't tell you WHAT the decision is, I only know that the negotiations and all that stopped a while ago and they rolled the dice.

So I don't think they are gonna shoot two endings and I also don't think that a poll on any website is going to change whatever they have decided
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