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well it looks like everyone's looking for gigs!

Source: Bloody Disgusting by: Omar Aviles

The mayhem-loving sociopaths over at "Bloody Disgusting" have landed the first casting scoop for the upcoming fourth installment in the annual Halloween SAW film. It seems that "Gilmore Girls" resident lovably cantankerous diner owner Scott Patterson will be one of the lucky victims caught in the midst of another of puppet-loving torturer Jigsaw's often genital-mutilating games. As details of the story haven't surfaced, who knows how Patterson ends up on the receiving end of a Jigsaw torture mind (and body) ****ing but as soon as we know anything, you will too. Darren Lynn Bousman is once again directing creative ways to have people brutally tortured from a script by FEAST duo Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton (with input from SAW franchise masterminds Leigh Whannell and James Wan, no doubt). SAW IV is scheduled for release October 26th.


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