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They are still getting lots of fan mail about the R/L breakup after MA’s scoop. Fans really upset and going insane over the brakup. MA not surprised that they are upset and the outpouring of sadness and emotions.

Katie wrote a long, single spaced letter (DM thought it was insane but in a good way). The letter asks what about all the fans who have invested in the R/L for three years, have seen them go through every problem and fight and come out stronger together and then get a break up from it. They believed in DSR and after all this time, even having to watch stupid SLs with Marty and the TA, they’ve gotten no reward.

MA repeated that he’s not going to judge the episode until he sees it. He felt the same way when he heard that Lorelai had slept with Christopher in the finale. He didn’t want to prejudge it until he saw what happened and what led to it. MA is not 100% against R/L breaking up even though he likes them as a couple. He says that people who are in love and are in relationships do break up but it doesn’t mean that the time they spent together meant nothing.

DM got a copy of the advanced script of MA's vodcast. A No 1 GG fan and weekly writer (Craig Best) wrote saying that he heard that LG sent the script back because she didn’t like it. Another fan (Sylvia from Italy) asked if it’s true that LG forced the writers to rewrite the script of the finale because of her hatred of SP. MA will talk about this in his next vodcast. He says the truth will finally come out. DM and Angel joked about LG becoming a diva on the set when she got her producer’s credit. MA chuckled at their joking and stated for the record that he loves LG.

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