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From a blog (LINK):

02 April 2007
Go Go "Gilmore Girls": Graham and Bledel to Leave Stars Hollow

Carole King once said, "Where you lead, I will follow," but I think we've reached the end of the road with those two girls called Gilmore.

According to a source inside the production, there will not be an eighth season of Gilmore Girls, which will wrap up its run this May.

While there have been rumors of a possible eleventh hour contract renegotiation with stars Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel (who, according to reports, have only decided to sign their contracts if the other does as well), purported (and disastrous) Season Eight storyline plans, and petitions to save the show, it seems that it's not in the stars (hollow or otherwise) for any future seasons of Gilmore Girls.

According to my source, staffers on the Warner Bros. Television series have been told that the series will not be going forward and have begun to look for other employment next season. The same holds for the actors: Melissa McCarthy, who plays chef Sookie, recently signed on to co-star opposite Christina Applegate and Jean Smart in ABC comedy pilot Sam I Am.

Hell, Gilmore Girls' showrunner David Rosenthal is allegedly looking for work as well.

For fans of the show, at least we got five fantastic years with these girls and two not-so-good ones (you all know which ones I'm referring to), but I wouldn't trade those pop culture-laced memories for anything.

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