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Tommy/Jenny #1 - Because they've loved each other since they were kids.

Banner made by Ness23

Tommy and Jenny.

1. ~CountryBumpkin~ (Bee)
2. stealing_kisses (Emilie)
3. Ness23 (Ness)
4. HalesNLuke
5. kingjames23
6. FlutterBy
7. foxybabygirl
8. *BabyBuncher* (Karen)
9. CreekFreak
10. Leyton_Rox (Lexy)
11. jessica20121984
12. Ash_lost
13. hunee
14. thegoodbyegirl
15. how2savealife (Kelsey)
16. kbear78 (Kara)
17. -Beautiful Disaster- (Sam)
18. Erica_85 (Erica)
19. ~Melissa~
20. Butterflygirl (Fio)
21. DreamWalker (Mel)
22. your_konstantine
23. Melanie95
24. jennifer819
25. provocative
26. *Juju* (Julie)
27. Kon-Artist

Reasons We Love Them
01. Because even when they were little she drove him crazy.
02. Because he drew her.
03. Because she remembered Bonnie.
04. Because he was willing to beat up Joey for her.
05. Because she wanted him to know she loved him.
06. Because she couldn't let him die without knowing.
07. Because we love longing looks.
08. Because he loves her too.
09. Because their chemistry is off the charts.
10. Because he wants her more than anything else.
11. Because she loves him despite what her father says.
12. Because Jenny cries 'cause she cant be with him.
13. Because she'd scrub floors for him.
14. Because they could open up a deli.
15. Because he helded her, even when she said not to.
16. Because he'd beat the crap out of some guy, so he could help her
"I love Jensen and
Sam loves Dean
" - JP
s o u l m a t e s

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