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DM = Daniel Manu
MA = Michael Ausiello
AC = Angel Cohn
MMcD = Maitland McDonagh

START 25.55

DM: And Mike, we got a ton of mail about Gilmore Girls---
MA: Uhoh.
DM: ---because you had a tiny bit of scoop in your vodcast.
AC: Just a tiny bit.
DM: About, about---
MA: Yeah, we don’t wanna say it, do we? Because we planted that behind a spoiler warning.
DM: Oh no, it’s out there, it’s out there.
AC: Spoiler-alert?!
DM: Every Gilmore fan in the universe has now heard the news that you broke in your vodcast about Logan and Rory. And people are a little P.O.’d. A little P.O.’d, let’s just say. Kate says: “Is Dave Rosenthal crazy?”
AC: I thought we had established that?
DM: “An entire year of Rory and Logan---“ that’s true. I think Heidi Klum established that. “An entire year of Rory and Logan-goodness and now he pulls a split in the second-to-last episode of the series. Does he know how many fans are pissed at him right now? And you said the writers liked them together, what happened with that?”
MA: They could like them together and ultimately decide that they don’t maybe belong together. I don’t know. I don’t wanna defend a story that I haven’t seen play out.
DM: Right.
MA: I just put the information out there to let people---
AC: He does not want to pre-judge.
MA: Yes.
AC: Ever.
MA: Or judge at all.
AC: Right.
MMcD: You poor thing.
AC: He’s very non-judgmental. Straight down the middle.
DM: And Christine wants to know if you have any information about what Rory is gonna be doing after graduation. “Will they be telling, will they be announce where--- “
MA: Looking for a new boyfriend.
DM: ---well that too. Well, “Will she be going to Hartford, New York, Iraq to report for CNN with Christiane Amanpour?” Anything, Mike.
MA: Uhm.
MMcD: Is she gonna work at a wellness-center?
DM: Let’s just say, hope she doesn’t go to Hartford, because, believe me folks, no offence, I’m from somewhere out there, you don’t wanna go there. You don’t wanna go there.
MA: I don’t have any information for what she’s doing after. I think a lot of that depends on whether there’s an eight season or not.
DM: Craig Best in his weekly Gilmore-email says, “will Logan be in the final episode of the series?”
MA: Uhm---
DM: Or season, or season.
MA: I don’t know. That’s a simple answer, there.
DM: And someone took us---
AC: I like that answer. I don’t know.
DM: And Stephanie from Ontario took us to task, when I say ‘us’ she means ‘me’, for patronizing that girl who wanted the Luke and Lorelai together in “reality”. And she thought… she funnily says “don’t mean it patronizing, cuz people really care and get emotionally involved even though the story is fiction, you get a little fame and your egos sky-rocket.” I don’t know who she’s referring to here.
AC: Fame?
MA: Well, obviously, me.
DM: Maybe you, maybe you.
AC: Probably you.
DM: Maybe you. “Have a little respect, please”, she says.

END 28.30

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