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Nothing new on the podcast. We definitely know more than they do.

After MA spoiler on L/R split they got tons of mail. People are po at DR about the spilt. A fan wanted to know if DR is crazy. He gave them an entire year of R/L goodness and waited until the second last episode to split them up. Angel said she thought they had established that DR was crazy.

When DM questioned MA about his statement that the writers liked them together, he said that they could like R/L together and then decide that they don’t belong together. He doesn’t want to defend the episode because he hasn’t seen it yet. He just puts the info out.

A fan asks about what Rory will be doing after graduation and they joke around about it. MA jokingly said “looking for a new boyfriend”. He doesn’t know what Rory will be doing and says it depends on if there is an 8th season. They read Craig’s e-mail about whether Logan is going to be in the season/series final episode. MA said he didn’t know.

Another fan knocks MA/DM about patronizing a fan who wants to see LL in reality. She tells them to have a little respect.

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