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Originally Posted by lancer1993 (View Post)
Is he's getting out of the country, why?

CIP or are TPTB mad at him again LOL

Where does it say kareoke in post 173?
This is what he wrote:
Farewell, My Friends...
Relax, I'm just going to Mexico for a few days. You're not getting rid of me that easily. I'll be back next Thursday.

In the meantime, there's no need to let the Ausiello Report just sit around and collect dust while I'm gone. I encourage you to use the comments area below to discuss any/all of the big TV stories that I would have brought to you exclusively had I not been lying on a beach somewhere south of the border. Here are some possible scoops that could potentially break (but hopefully won't) whilst I'm out of the country:

• The CW announces that Gilmore Girls will return for an eighth season.
• The CW announces that Gilmore Girls will end in May with a "poignant and whimsical" series finale.
• Isaiah Washington announces he's leaving Grey's Anatomy to focus on his "burgeoning film career."
• Grey's Anatomy announces Isaiah Washington has been let go "for creative reasons."
• Anything about Veronica Mars, Lost, Heroes, Brothers & Sisters, Scrubs, The Shield, Friday Night Lights, Battlestar Galactica, House, etc.
• Keri Russell delivers a baby boy and names him Michael after "her dear friend and former costar."
• Snapple hires a new spokesperson and it's not me.

Now, let me be absolutely clear: I'm not saying any of these stories will break over the next six days, only that they could. And if they do, feel free to talk about them (or anything else, for that matter) below. Your posts will serve as my catch-up guide when my flight lands Wednesday night.

Of course, in a perfect world, the TV biz would hit the pause button until I returned, but as the middling success of October Road can attest to, this world is far from perfect.

Oh, and don't forget: no new Ask Ausiello next week. However, I did manage to shoot a new episode of my Ausiello Report vodcast before I left, and that will go up Tuesday morning, right on schedule. (I don't think I'm overselling it by saying it's gooood.)

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